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Welcome to Indian Russian Cultural Society - St Petersburg Russia. ( INRUCS)

INRUCS ( Indian Russian Culture Society ) started out in 2015 as Non Profit Organization in coordination with Consulate General of India Saint Petersburg Russia. INRUCS is a Common Platform where Culture & Intellectual, Educational Activities, Organizing performances, Concerts Fairs Round tables Meetings Seminars, Competitions, Forums Conferences, Holidays & Symposiums both for Indian and Russian events will be organized celebrated Jointly and also promotes Networking activities personally professionally in various spheres.
INRUCS associated with House of Friendship(Dom Drosby), Russian & Indian friends-cum-fellow professionals i.e Business Group, Doctors Ayurvedic / Yoga Wellness Association, Dance Music literature group, Students Group, etc to provide a platform for Indian- Russian community in Saint Petersburg to come together to connect and integrate among themselves, as well as help newcomers by providing them with the necessary information to have a successful start in Saint Petersburg and share knowledge ideas culture events jointly together.
INRUCS successfully organised & participated several events, festival celebrations in Saint Petersburg as well as a trip outside Saint Petersburg. It was in response to the growing need for a platform to interact with other Indians and Russians to celebrate Indian and Russia Culture festivals together. There was also a sudden surge in demand, since the advent of BRICS, and also a large number of Indian Expats Community Living in St Petersburg including working class, students, Business Professional for help in settling down and integrating/ networking with local community. INRUCS was thus born to fulfill this need.


  • Very good Platform to connect and thanks for your efforts to connect and interact. Thanks launch INRUCS. BEST WISHES..
    - Uri Kassyanik -

  • Warmest congratulations for INRUCS and best wishes for grand success of diwali celebration event
    - Irine Gracheva -

  • We are pleased and thrilled to attented INRUCS diwali celebration event. Best Wishes for INRUCS
    - Kuzya Shtoshtakovich -

  • Best Diwali wishes to all Indian and Russian Friends
    - Amitabh Saxena -


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